Why True Wireless Headphones Are A Must-Have Gadget This Year?

Various brands have introduced us to True Wireless Headset models in previous years. And they thrilled us. Due to that, they became trendy in a short time. They also imposed themselves as an unusual gift for true fans of new technologies and good sound.

What are True Wireless Headphones?

True wireless headphones are in-ear headphones that connect wirelessly to mobile devices and each other. This means that there are no wires.

How do they work?

The device connects to one handset (master handset) via a Bluetooth connection, sending the sound to the other handset. Due to the size, there is not much space for the battery. The headphones themselves usually provide 3-8 hours of music. But the manufacturers know that this is not enough for real addicts of good sound, so they have designed cases in which you can recharge the battery in addition to storing headphones. Cases provide about 15-20 hours of battery life, which is more than enough for listening to music every day.

Who are they for?

In one word: everyone. While this sounds like a cliché and one might think it’s just a phrase, they are meant for all groups of people. The original models were intended for those who listen to music while performing daily duties. However, as the popularity of headphones grew, different models were made for other consumer groups. For some, fashion detail and an indicator of good taste are ideal.

– For those for whom productivity comes first

Are you buying a gift for a person whose productivity comes first, always on the phone and checking messages? If so, hands-free headphones are ideal for her. One model that makes this possible is the JBL Tune 225TWS completely wireless headphones. Once paired, the multi-tasker no longer has to worry about them. All controls are located right on the headset and allow you to pause music and take calls with one touch of the headset. In this way, the hands remain free for much more critical tasks

– For athletes and those who would like to be

Ever since the first walkman, the ability to listen to music on the go has changed the way we practice. True Wireless Headphones are the next step in that progress. More and more models of these headphones are produced specifically for exercise. Exercisers and athletes will notice the most significant difference because nothing will restrict their movement anymore.

The model of sports completely wireless headphones that we recommend is JBL Endurance Peak 2. They have Power Hook arch hangers that hang behind the ear, so they will not fall out of the ear and thus endanger your safety. They are equipped with a compelling case that allows you another 24 hours of your favorite music and 6 hours provided by themselves.

– For big music lovers

Sony has prepared headphones for true, big music lovers in a sea of ​​versatile headphones ideal for performing various tasks with music. Sony WF-1000XM3 is designed for superior sound. First, they optimized the Bluetooth connection for a more full and extended range. They also have Noise Canceling technology that blocks background noise, so nothing interferes with enjoying quality sound rich in detail.

Whether you want to delight yourself or those who love productivity, athletes, or true music lovers, Truly wireless headphones are the right choice. With a completely wireless design, you will be completely free.