What is a Smart TV

Smart TV is no longer a stranger as it was just a few years ago. However, it is certain that even today, some are not sure how these TVs differ from the classic models and what makes them special.

We bring you all the important information about Smart TVs and their great functionalities that allow you to enjoy a wide variety of content from different platforms and devices.

Find out how even more movies and series are available with Smart TV, how you can connect them to your phone, tablet, and other devices, and how they give you more comfort and flexibility.

So what is Smart TV?

Smart TV is a TV that can connect to the Internet, has its operating system and its service for various applications, and allows you to enjoy much additional content in addition to the regular TV program.

It connects to the Internet to access online services such as video streaming, social networking, or internet surfing. Connecting is easy. You just need a good internet connection and remote control. In addition, you can connect a Smart TV to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to view photos on the big screen.

You can take your enjoyment to the highest level with the special applications that all Smart TVs have, which is the content that is enriched every day. YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and social networks such as Facebook or Twitter will get another dimension on the big screen.


How is Smart TV managed?

Remote control that is specially adapted and can act as a cursor is used. When it comes to typing, you select the letters on the screen again using the remote, and some of them even have the entire keyboard packed in the background.

In some models, there is an option to turn the mobile phone into a steering wheel. Of course, he will also have to be a smartphone.

In addition, there may be an even simpler solution – connecting a USB keyboard or mouse to the TV. Insert the devices into the provided USB port and enjoy.


Other great features of the Smart TV

In addition to the features and applications we mentioned, it is worth mentioning that certain models have instant messaging applications such as Skype, with a mandatory add-on such as a webcam that you should purchase separately. Certain more expensive TV models also allow high-definition video calls.

Most TVs today come with several apps already installed, such as BBC iPlayer, Spotify, and other online apps with various internet content. There are also those that you can later download from the Internet as you wish. We will also mention that some of them are paid, i.e., their services, while some are free.

Also, as technologies evolve, so do the platforms on which manufacturers have developed their smart TVs. LG uses webOS, Samsung Smart Hub, Sony, Philips, Tesla Android, etc.

More advanced models also offer voice commands, and some even recognize gestures. Technologies are generally not very top-notch yet, but the direction we are moving is clear.

Games can be another curiosity. Of course, these are not sophisticated PC games, but you should never underestimate the appeal and fun of simple games on such products.

In short, we can announce two full pages of A4 format about all the possibilities and benefits of Smart TVs and go into details of features that can vary significantly from manufacturer to price range. Still, we will leave that for some of the following texts.

Additional TV features to look out for

In addition to all the listed smart features, it is important to mention that when buying a Smart TV and buying any other, other important technical specifications should be considered.

Whether you are wondering whether to opt for OLED or QLED or some even more advanced model like 4Kor 8K, how to find the ideal TV for your home, which TV dimensions are best for your space, whether to choose HD Ready or Full HD resolution and several other issues you may encounter when choosing.

Diagonal will be important to some, resolution, screen type or some other item will be important to someone – read all the details about it in our guide to buying a TV.

Can you completely replace your computer with a Smart TV?

Smart TVs use different operating systems depending on the manufacturer but are most often based on some form of Linux.

In principle, there is no reason to panic or any special concern. Today, no one can tell you that something online is completely safe, especially on the Internet. Accordingly, we can say that these devices are somewhat more vulnerable than computers.

The main reason for that is that they are not made to do all the things done on the computer. A little common sense will be enough to warn of risks – don’t do things like online banking and the like on a smart TV. The Internet on the big screen is attractive, but not so much.

Unless you connect your Smart TV and PC to an HDMI adapter, you can enjoy the big screen and the usual internet surfing. 


Which brand of Smart TV to choose?

Almost all major brands are engaged in the production of these devices. There are Korean giants Samsung and LG, Sony, Philips, Toshiba, Hisense, and many others.

It is important to note that depending on the brand and price of certain models, some characteristics of Smart TVs may depend. There are more advanced models and those that offer some of the most basic items, depending on what you want and how important certain features are. Model.

Today you have a really large selection, and over time it becomes wider. As with all new technologies, prices are falling over time, becoming more and more normal and commonplace. However, these products are still often in a slightly higher part of the price range. This means that their intelligence is accompanied by a phenomenal image, high resolution, unique sound, and the like, which contributes to the fact that by choosing one of the Smart TVs, you bring leading technology into your home that represents comfort for each of us.

The future of Smart TVs

This is a step that TVs had to take as a category – to remain competitive in an increasingly demanding market. 4K resolution, HDR, and similar achievements are great things, but something is needed to give them extra dimension and flexibility.

Modern times demand it, and there is every chance that we will go even further in that regard.

It is rumored that the future brings us:

  1. Smart TV touch screens – Videocon, Hitachi, and Samsung are already working hard on this
  2. Smart TV screens for feeling texture – You can feel different textures by touching the screen
  3. Hologram TV

The concept of “Smart TV” will undergo several changes. Any company that treats an annual product as obsolete can hardly create customer loyalty to the product. Meanwhile, the pendulum is leaning more towards hardware than software in TV production.

The real question is, who will control the TV user interface in the future?

Choose Smart TV and enjoy a large selection of movies, series, and other content.

There is nothing more beautiful than having everything you want at your fingertips from watching content on TV.

Whether you have time for just one episode of the Netflix series, you want to watch something online, YouTube or spend the whole evening with a new super HBO Go movie, listen to music from Spotify or gather friends and family to show them your photos and videos from your last trip, all this is possible on the big screen with a Smart TV.

Enjoy every free moment the way you want, indulge in all the charms of watching different content on the big TV screen, and see all the benefits and numerous possibilities that Smart TV brings to your home.