The Best Smartwatches and Fitness Bracelets

We divided the lists into three categories, and in each of them, some products segment the market. The category of smartwatches and devices for monitoring fitness activities in 2021 experienced several significant innovations. Fitness bracelets have been given new functionalities in terms of health monitoring, and now they are almost indistinguishable from smartwatches. A new operating system entered the race, which brought some novelties again, so we will undoubtedly have significant improvements in that field in the coming period.

Apple Smart Watch: Apple Watch Series 7

Apple dominates in smartwatches, as its products make up half of the total world market. This year’s Apple Watch Series 7 is the most attractive and best representative in its class. It has all of its predecessors’ health, safety, and lifestyle functions but is now on a larger display. Protection against dust and glass breakage is improved, and the redesigned filling system provides faster replenishment. While there aren’t many new features compared to the Apple Watch Series 6, the seventh generation brings refined and polished enhancements that make a great smartwatch even more practical for everyday business.

HarmonyOS Smartwatch: Huawei Watch 3 Pro 

Huawei Watch 3 Pro is the first smartwatch based on HarmonyOS, which Huawei introduced after facing US sanctions and the inability to use Android in its full version. The company has made an effort to push the boundaries with this watch, so the Watch 3 Pro brings several exciting features. For starters, there is an app store, many different watch faces, continuous measurement of blood oxygen levels, measurement of body temperature, and the most functionally valuable option – eSIM integration. By activating eSIM, the watch can receive and start calls completely independently when not connected to the phone. As Huawei has already accustomed us, the Watch 3 Pro also has excellent autonomy – five days when all functions are activated, or up to three weeks when used in economy mode.

Fitness bracelet: Honor Fitness Band 6

Honor Fitness Band 6 combines a classic fitness bracelet and a real smartwatch. The large square screen is much more transparent than traditional bracelets, and the battery life is extended, which lasts about ten days with all the included options. In addition to the standard number of modes for monitoring activities, an opportunity for measuring stress is added. Of course, there are also options for measuring blood oxygen levels and heart rate and checking sleep quality. There are better (more expensive) fitness bracelets on the market, but this bracelet comes to the fore when everything is taken into account.