The Best Skis of 2022 – The Ultimate Guide

It is not always easy to find a pair of skis that suit your needs. Whether you are ordering them online, entering a store for the first time, or an experienced skier who needs new equipment, choosing the perfect skis can be difficult.
With various options available for any skill level, from beginners to professionals, it’s easier these days than ever before you find the best one. All you need is advice from someone who understands and knows what to pay attention to. Here is our list of the ten best skis available today.

 Volkl 2022 M6 Mantra


The new 2022 M6 Mantra Volkl skis are focused on stability and control.

These 96 mm wide metal laminate skis will take your mountain adventures to the next level with their power base, thanks to broad layers of aluminum that boost bonding strength without adding weight or slowing down the response time.

The 2021 M6 mantra has been improved over previous models with increased stability on uneven terrain and better cornering grip.

A brand new custom titanium alloy frame is designed to fit your exact ski length. It is now applied as the main structural component on skis, right where it would withstand most of the weight while still having enough material for extra rigidity.

The extra rigidity thus creates more excellent responsiveness at higher speeds or when driving on steep terrain with bumps.

The 3D radius design provides a better grip, allowing new possibilities during each ski season without sacrificing control even if the snow is deep.


  • The M6 ​​mantra is a very versatile pair of skis. It can be stable, inspiring for self-confidence, thanks in part to a comprehensive profile that allows it to glide even when conditions aren’t ideal for anything but a quick turn or stop.


  • This ski is a challenge! It is not intended for occasional users.

 Salomon Stance 96 


Salomon Stance 96 is the perfect ski for those who want to go on any terrain. 

Stance is a versatile ski that can withstand anything, from bumps to groomed trails and deep snow.

It is perfect for intermediate and advanced skiers who love traditional metal, but they also need versatility to take advantage of everything the mountain offers.


  • Professionals at Solomon say skis are powerful, fast, and like challenging trails. In addition, they have a firmer surface for better traction in slippery conditions or when you need an extra edge on turns.


  • The Salomon Stance 96 ski is a classic but not exactly our best choice. It also looks outdated with old graphics and design elements from Solomon’s past that don’t work very well in modern skiing conditions or the culture we know today. 

K2 Mindbender 99Ti


The K2 Mindbender collection is attractive to many, with widths ranging from 90 to 108 millimeters. A wide selection of sizes ensures that you find the right set, no matter where you use them.

The Y-shaped metal layer under the feet gives it excellent stability, and thanks to its design, they move comfortably through any terrain with ease.

In addition, the Mindbender has a wide width that allows it to pass through deep snow.


  • The K2 Mindbender 99Ti ski is an excellent upgrade over the outgoing Pinnacle Ti. It has impressive capabilities and makes it easy to work on slopes, even in deep snow.


  • K2 Mindbender 99Ti skis are mid-level skis but not for everyone. Skis are also easy to bend.

Dynastar M-Pro 84 


The Dynastar M-Pro 84 ski is perfect for all types of well-groomed and uncleaned snow due to its versatility.

This ski combines strength and lightness, specially designed with a combination of the traditional core that offers excellent balance in elasticity/resistance while being light enough that you can easily control it through turns to either side or narrow alpine trails abroad.

The Dynastar M-Pro 84 provides outstanding elasticity, durability, and weight balance.


  • Dynastar M-Pro 84 skis are a classic. They have a good balance of speed and stability, which makes them perfect for any skier who wants to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible without exaggerating on one side or the other.


  • The M-Pro 84 is a ski with lower performance than its class leaders.

Nordica 2022 Enforcer 94 


Last year, Nordica made a risky but cost-effective move when it introduced the “94” skis.

This mid-width model replaced last year’s 93mm wide Enforcer, and we think it’s our favorite thanks to its solid yet fun personality.

The design of the ski has been refined to make it more modern and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, carbon fiber is used in significant quantities, with less plastic than before, for a lighter front that contains wood instead. The softer front end reduces your body’s resistance while providing excellent control for those who want it.


  • Nordica Enforcer are well-rounded and versatile skis in all categories. They have a solid frame, with a lot of rigidity to break down all the obstacles that come their way, from groomed trails to difficult conditions – or anything in between.


  • Nordica Enforcer 94 is the perfect choice for anyone who loves to skate in the snow, and this ski will take you anywhere!

Rossignol Experience 86 


Rossingol Experience 86 Ti  is a fantastic choice, as you can wear it while still skiing at medium speeds.

It has enough stiffness and edge holding to keep advanced-level drivers on track.

In addition, their sleek design allows you to be precise in all conditions, even when cornering or accelerating off corners.

The ski has a highly smooth behavior: the two layers in combination give enough strength but do not make them heavy, so you will be safe regardless of whether you are riding on complex terrain.


  • Rossignol Experience 86 Ti is a fast, powerful ski with an exceptionally smooth ride.


  • Not very good in deep snow.

Blizzard Rustler 9 


The Blizzard Rustler 9 is a versatile all-mountain ski that can take you from groomed slopes to hard snow.

A wide range of widths makes it perfect in all conditions, with three options available:

9 mm (for more open terrain), 11 mm, or 12 millimeters if you want an aggressive feel when driving steep thunderbolts.

The narrowest design of skis will emphasize how versatile this berth is because its construction can be used by professionals and beginners who are just starting to ski.

The Rustler is a fun ski to ride because of its light and delicate front end. It can’t measure up to the stability of skis at high speeds like Brahma or Bonafide, but this compromise is worth it on bumps and off-piste terrain where you want more response from your feet.


  • Blizzard Rustler 9 is the perfect ski for fans of everything related to snow. It is stable at high speeds, which means you can drive with confidence regardless of the type of slope or terrain conditions set for you.


  • With the right price, the Blizzard Rustler 9 is for professionals only.

Head Kore 93 


The Head Kore 93 ski is a light and powerful ski machine, but its uncompromising nature makes driving at lower speeds less pleasant.

The new 2022 model has improved this by giving you more personality to make your ride much smoother, whether on or off the track.

In addition, the new Kore has an updated construction that includes two layers of carbon fiber, a carube / poplar core, and a sloping design.


  • The new Head Kore 93 is smoother and more versatile than the previous generation, yet light enough for agility on any terrain.


  • Despite its top speed, the Head 93 is still not a leader in terms of stability.

Elan Ripstick 96 


Elan Ripstick 96 is a ski that emphasizes fun. Freeride-oriented design floats well on soft terrain and can be super fast when needed.

There are more slopes along the inner edge, while the outer edges have a seesaw for an even faster response time.

This makes the skis smooth and relatively easy to control in most conditions but still requires a little effort for fast turns.


  • Super light, fast, and great for skiing. In addition, the lightweight construction gives excellent glide.


  • Elan Ripstick 96 skis are mid-range skis, precision that can be breakable and exhausting for high-speed riding.

There are many factors to consider when buying skis.

When buying a new pair of skis, the most important thing to consider is where you plan to use them. Every skier has a specific track on which he feels confident when skiing.

  • Each ski model will react differently based on its design and capabilities, so knowing its capabilities is crucial.
  • Ski shop employees are a great source of information. They know all about their products and can answer things like which terrain is for specific skis and which are best for performing tricks or quick cuts.
  • Just because a particular ski model could be the “best-selling” of this year’s line doesn’t mean it will work well if you have needs/abilities beyond what those skis offer.
  • Don’t just trust the store owner on his word! Instead, take the time to try different brands and models of skis, even if you have a good feel for a particular brand or model. There are always other options that can meet your needs better than what they offer, so don’t be afraid to try others.
  • What type of terrain you enjoy the most and how often you like to ride it is also essential because terrain such as deep snow and dry conditions can help you make decisions.

What to avoid when buying skis

Skiers are often attracted to the latest and greatest model, no matter how they ski. Unfortunately, today’s trend is that most people buy skis that can be too wide for where they usually go skiing. This can lead them to believe something that does not suit their needs.

In general, don’t be fooled by fake marketing and graphics. However, you must research and take the time to find the best one for your needs in this case.

The giant potential trap to avoid in buying skis is not looking for the best deals.

Do you know how to find the right length of skis?

It’s easy, measure your height and choose the right size. Then you will know if it does not suit you due to different preferences or abilities in skiing.

  • Skis for beginners should reach from the feet to the chin, about 140 cm.
  • A mid-level skier will achieve more excellent stability at higher speeds with a length of 155-160 cm, as the ski will follow the curves well while still being light enough, and the size of the ski is from floor to nose height.
  • More advanced or aggressive skiers who prefer to ski at high speed should consider choosing longer skis, whose length from floor to eyebrows is about 180 cm.

Advantages of skiing

  • strengthen the strength of bones and joints
  • Better mood by increasing activity levels in certain parts of the brain
  • increases cardiovascular endurance
  • calorie burner
  • gives you a darker complexion
  • Improved balance skills
  • Improving flexibility
  • promotes deep sleep
  • increase immunity