Enjoy games wherever you are with the Nintendo Switch console

Do you want to be able to play your favorite game while waiting in line, during a break in college or work, at home on the big TV screen, or to show the company outside what level you have reached, what is the graphics of the game? If you find yourself in all of the above, the Nintendo Switch console is the perfect solution for you.

Nintendo’s biggest fans probably already know a lot about this console, and if you are among those who are still not sure what makes it different from the others, we are here to present all its advantages and introduce you to the Switch world. 

What is the Nintendo Switch, and how does it work?

If you want a game console with which you can indulge in gaming adventures anytime and anywhere, the Switch will meet all your expectations.

Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, you can take it everywhere. There are several versions, and each of them allows you to play anywhere you are, whether you are away from home or at home.

What types of Nintendo Switch consoles are there?


Nintendo Switch console - Ika Deals

If you are at least partially in the world of video games and follow what is happening on the gaming scene, we are sure that you are somewhat familiar with the specifics of this console and its younger versions. So you have the opportunity to choose:

  • Nintendo Switch (Classic Version)
  • Nintendo Switch OLED or
  • Nintendo Switch Lite

Whichever of them is your choice; guaranteed fun is at your fingertips. Find out below about what the Nintendo Switch console is like and what sets it apart from other versions.

With Nintendo Switch, watch the game on your TV screen or the screen of your console

This classic version is the first console of the Switch series to come out of Nintendo’s entertainment factor. Its modular design allows you to connect it to your TV and enjoy video games on the big screen and take it with you anywhere you go as a handheld console.

Innovative and exciting Joy-Con controllers can be mounted on the console and thus give you the ability to play on the go when you are away from home or simply want to recline in your favorite chair and watch the game on the console screen, regardless of TV.

For all the fans who genuinely enjoy the multiplayer experience and online gaming, it’s great that it’s possible to connect as many as eight consoles to play in a group.

How does the Nintendo Switch OLED console differ from the classic variant?

Although it seems that the differences are not too significant, the OLED model offers some improved performance that experienced gamers will certainly not miss.

Favorite games in your pocket with the great Nintendo Switch Lite

This console is an alternative to the classic version of the Switch or the previously mentioned OLED model and represents their smaller and cheaper variant. The dimensions are such that they are ideal for holding in your hand. It fits in your pocket to take it with you everywhere.

Nintendo Switch console - Ika Deals

Nintendo Switch Lite cannot be connected to a TV and is intended exclusively for holding in hand. It has a smaller screen, so these are some of the most significant differences between the other two versions. Also, the controllers are part of the console itself and cannot be separated as with previous models, and for better movement in the game, there is also the D-Pad, which you will surely be delighted with.

It comes in several colors, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Switch Lite is an ideal solution for all those who like to enjoy games wherever they are and can access them at any time.

Why choose one of the Switch consoles?

It’s simple. Whichever version you choose, it will give you the comfort and mobility of your gaming world wherever you want.

Nintendo Switch console - Ika Deals

With the classic Nintendo Switch or OLED version, you will be able to enjoy the so-called home console and transfer your adventures to the big TV screen and the handheld console if that suits you better at a particular moment. Unlike it, the Switch Lite model can fit in your pocket thanks to its compact and lightweight design – it is always ready to go with you.

Opt for one of the excellent Nintendo Switch consoles and indulge in exciting gaming adventures.