A detailed guide to buying a steam station

Is it better to buy a steam iron or a steam station?

What is the difference? Which steam station to buy?

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

These are just some questions to which you will find an answer in this text.

Rarely does anyone like to spend hours and hours with an ironing board ironing? You are never delighted with ironed clothes because you always see some folds. There is a magic device that will perfectly iron all types of laundry from different materials, and it is called a steam station. Sometimes shopping is not an easy task so this guide will help you. Amazon has a great selection of steam stations.

What are steam stations?

In the past, steam stations were seen only in tailor shops and today in stores. You need steam stations if you iron often. A tank with water and steam from the iron itself is separated from the steam station. This makes ironing easy, so ironing is more accessible, and a more significant amount of water or steam allows you to finish the ironing job quickly. The iron is connected to the tank with a steam cable that is long enough to do the job smoothly. You can find a great selection of quality steam stations with many intelligent features and modern designs on Amazon.

The difference between a steam station and a steam iron

If you are ironing a larger amount of laundry, a steam station is better. You will save time and iron the same amount of laundry twice as fast as with an ordinary steam iron. The steam station releases more steam and puts more water in it than the steam iron so that you can iron a larger amount of laundry quickly and easily without a break. Therefore, a steam station is more expensive than an ordinary iron, but it is more efficient.

What to look for when buying a steam station?

On the amount of steam emitted by the steam station, the possibility of adjusting the temperature, self-cleaning, automatic shutdown, ease of use.

Amount of steam

  • When buying, pay attention to the amount of steam emitted by the steam station. You will make iron creases and more demanding materials more accessible and faster if a larger amount of moisture is released and a stronger impact. For some materials, lower values ​​are sufficient. If you choose a model with a steam regulator, you will adjust the same amount of steam to the needs and characteristics of the material you are ironing. You will get the ideal ratio of the temperature of the hot plate and the amount of steam that is released, and the results will be flawless.

Self-cleaning option

  • Self-cleaning is a great option. Mostly distilled water is poured into the tanks, but you can also pour tap water in most models. In that case, limescale can appear, and thanks to the self-cleaning option, you will need to press a certain button, and then a special tank will be emptied, and you will remove limescale from it in a few seconds. That way, the steam station will last you longer. Some models will inform you in time when cleaning is needed, thanks to the indicators they have.

One temperature for all fabrics

  • Thanks to smart technologies, you can iron easily. For example, the model with OptimalTemp technology from Philips steam stations allows you to use one temperature for all fabrics, and there is no temperature adjustment and no burning.

Automatic shutdown

  • If you are forgetful and not sure if you have turned off the iron, then choose a model of the steam station that has an option to turn it off automatically. You will always be safe and carefree because it will turn itself off.

Easy to use

  • Steam stations are easy to use. If you choose a device that has the possibility of locking, you will secure it during transport, curious children, or accommodation because you will additionally secure it.

Depending on the amount of laundry you iron, decide on a certain water tank capacity. They are big enough, and the volumes are mostly from 1.4 l to 2.5 l, so that you will iron a lot of laundry with one filling. While the device is plugged in, you can fill the tank with water, and most models have this option. The water tank is easy to fill and empty. You can see the amount of water because the tank is mostly transparent, and some models have an option that will inform you when a refill is needed.

The material from which the heating plate of the steam station is made

When buying, pay attention to the material from which the heating plate of the steam station is made. Each of them has its pros and cons.

  • Ceramic hob

This type of iron has a ceramic coating, mostly made of aluminum plate. Its advantage is that it glides easily on the material, the plate heats up evenly, and there is no static electricity during ironing. It is an excellent choice for sensitive materials and synthetics.

Its disadvantages are that it is less durable than stainless steel plates. After years of use, ceramic coatings may peel off and heat up unevenly.

  • Stainless steel hotplate

These irons are the most sought after and most popular. They are durable, and you will easily iron even the most demanding folds and materials with them. If you iron natural materials made of cotton or silk more often, then this type of steam station is a good choice.

The disadvantage is that when ironing at higher temperatures, clothes can stick more often, unlike, for example, heating plates made of ceramics, and that is why more frequent cleaning is necessary, but it is simple.

  • Aluminum hotplates

An iron with this type of hotplate will heat up faster, but it can also happen that the hob scratches more quickly, and if something sticks to it, it will be harder to clean.

The way a steam station releases steam

With the option of vertical steam, you will perfectly iron curtains, suits, coats, dresses, and delicate materials.

The steam station will easily iron the most annoying folds and the heaviest materials with a strong jet.

Not all materials need the same amount of steam equally, and adjustable steam will solve the problem.

For continuous ironing and to relax the fabric fibers as much as possible, iron with a constant amount of steam.

Has at least one of these four ways of releasing steam: vertical, adjustable, jets, and continuous.

The power of the iron

The power of the iron is from 2 001 W and up. This is necessary for the steam iron to produce a larger amount of steam and iron as efficiently as possible. With more power, performance is better, and ironing is faster and easier.

Weight and design of the iron

Since the iron is separated from the water tank, ironing is easier. The iron handle fits nicely in the hand because it is beautifully designed and adjusted so that you can easily handle and maneuver it during ironing.


  • easy and fast ironing of large quantities of laundry
  • easy ironing of demanding pieces such as bedding, shirts, women’s blouses, dresses of delicate materials, folds, suits.
  • it is enough to iron only one side of the laundry, and the other will be ironed automatically
  • saving electricity and time
  • does not burn any fabric


  • Due to a large amount of steam, moisture may be a problem
  • They are more expensive than ordinary steam irons


Be sure to treat yourself to a steam station if you are able. You will always have impeccably ironed clothes and clothes. Amazon offers you the full selection of steam stations at minimum prices.