Best Tumble Dryer – Buying Guide

You have nowhere to spread your laundry. It is forbidden on the terrace, and the building does not have a laundry room. There is a lot of smog in your place. Or maybe you have small children. You barely manage to wash everything so that the little ones get dirty. And just how long it takes to dry it all. Don’t despair. There is a solution. The tumble dryer is a lifeline.

But which one to choose? Which is best for your household, and which is the most cost-effective? There are different types of tumble dryers, and you need to select the right one. We have prepared a guide for you to buy this device to make your life easier.

Washing machines – condensing, condensing with heat pump and draining devices.

There is a large selection of tumble dryers on the market today. Every day, designers perfect them and bring them to perfection. All to make them more efficient and easier to use. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a machine. It is crucial where you will place it because it depends on whether you will take a tumble dryer with a drain or a condensing one. If you are worried about electricity consumption, then opt for the one with a heat pump. Of course, it also depends on what you want from the program, but today almost all tumble dryers have a large selection of programs, so you don’t have to worry.

Condensing tumble dryers – ideal if you don’t have space in the bathroom

The hallway, pantry, or kitchen is more spacious than the bathroom, then opt for a condensing tumble dryer. Why? Because you will not have to do the additional installation for water drainage. This type of machine does not have a drain pipe. Instead, there is a vessel in which water is collected. Moisture from the laundry condenses and collects in a particular container. Hence the name – tightening machine for drying clothes. After drying, the container only needs to be emptied—a straightforward procedure.

Heat pump condensing machines consume the least electricity.

Another highly valued machine model among consumers is the one with a heat pump. It’s just a great help at home. She has no electric heaters. Her warm air completes the job. The heat pump dryer conducts hot air over the clothes and thus collects moisture. That same air then passes through an evaporator in which it condenses, and the water is contained in a separate vessel. The remaining dry, warm air is pumped back through the drum and reused for more efficient drying of clothes.

The tumble dryer with a heat pump does everything itself – the same air alternately cools and heats and dries the laundry, not the crowd. Laundry is dried at a uniform temperature and suitable for sensitive materials. They have a lower temperature than other tumble dryers, and you can keep them in the kitchen, for example, because they don’t need a drain either. The only thing you need to take care of is that the room temperature where you keep it is above zero.

Drain dryers are economically viable.

This model usually has a place in the bathroom because you have to have a drain pipe. It uses electric heaters to heat the air, thus extracting moisture from the laundry and expelling it through the exhaust pipe. Due to its ease of use, this model is trendy. It also has a large selection of programs, so in this respect, it does not lag behind the previously described models. However, it has one drawback. Compared to others, drain dryers are slightly higher consumers of electricity.

The combined washing machine and dryer save your living space

For those who live in small apartments or have small bathrooms, it is recommended to opt for a combined washing machine and dryer. A tumble dryer that tumbles dryer can place on top of the washing machine can be a solution, but it doesn’t look the best in a small bathroom – it visually closes the space. This is just a problem for those who live in the attic and do not have enough ceiling height. That is why their solution is a combined washing and drying machine.

In the vocabulary of an ordinary person, you have two in one. In the past, customers criticized these models, complaining that the laundry was poorly dried and then that it was dried but very crumpled so that it “walked” around the bathroom. Over the years, this model can have improved the most. Today, combined washing and drying machines work “like clockwork.” Peru and droughts are perfect, they are quiet, and they have many programs. And most importantly, their electricity consumption has been reduced. 

How does a tumble dryer work, and how much electricity does it consume?

When it comes to electricity consumption, the most common dilemma when buying a tumble dryer is whether it is a big consumer. And there are differences. As we have already mentioned, the dryer with a drain is the biggest consumer, while those with a condensing or heat pump are smaller.

There is energy class information on each machine. Categories are from C through B to A, A +, A ++, A +++. The more pluses, the less consumption. Care should ensure that the machine is always loaded as specified in the instructions. If it runs half empty, it will consume more electricity. If you have a device in class A and put the amount of laundry according to the instructions, the drying cycle will cost less than 60 dinars. Today, manufacturers have perfected specific models so that the machines themselves regulate the consumption of electricity based on the weight of the laundry, which means that you do not have to charge the tumble dryer “to the top” to consume less electricity. There will be as much laundry – as much consumption. This is called innovative technology.

The usual drying cycle lasts two hours. For example, with combined washing and drying machines, it is possible to select a short program that lasts 40 minutes with washing and drying. Today’s combined washing and drying machines, for example, can do everything in an hour and a half when it comes to cotton laundry, which is usually the most extended cycle.

How to choose a tumble dryer?

And finally, to summarize. Do we now know what to look for when shopping? Do we know how to choose a tumble dryer? We have a lot of new knowledge, but the most important thing to know is that we should consider the space and needs when buying. Other people’s experiences are valuable, but we know best what we need.

If you live only with a partner, for example, a machine with a capacity of up to 7 kilograms is recommended for you. If you are a large family, a great choice would be a higher capacity combined washing machine and dryer. Remember that you can always wash more laundry than you can dry in any such device. If you want the machine to do both, always put as much laundry as intended for drying. Otherwise, your laundry will be semi-wet and crumpled.


Another tip. Although all newer tumble dryers have a variety of programs, get one that will do the job for you. You don’t have to overdo it when choosing a program. If you do not do sports, do not wear sneakers, and are among those whose dress style is elegant, you certainly do not need a program for washing and drying sneakers.

An anti-allergy program is essential to you only if someone in your family is prone to allergies. All this is very important to you because the price of the tumble dryer depends on the number of programs and the type and brand.

The dilemma of whether these machines destroy the wardrobe should not bother you. Just make sure you choose the right program. Do not wash a wool sweater or silk shirt on a cotton program. Include the one provided for a wardrobe made of such material. That way, everything will be fine, and your wool sweater will not look like you borrowed it from a younger member of your family.

A tumble dryer, whether with a heat pump, drain, or combination, will be a great help in your home. Whichever one you choose, you won’t go wrong. Each one will make your life easier.