Best Soundbar for 2022

Introducing the Bose Soundtouch 500 and Bose Soundtouch 700 soundbar

At first glance, it can be seen that the Bose Soundbar 500 (80cm) is slightly smaller than Bose Soundbar 700 (1m). Apart from the size, they are very similar in design. They are produced in black and white. They are exquisite in design. Both Bose soundbars are equipped with a single HDMI ARC input and an optical audio input.

It is important to note that they come with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and support for Apple AirPlay 2. AirPlay 2 allows you to wirelessly connect and stream content from iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

At first glance, you can see that this is a top-quality product. The matte material above the aluminum grille, where only the touch buttons are visible, contributes to that. The speaker has as many as eight microphones for voice assistants. Alexa will hear and understand you very well, even from a slightly greater distance. This speaker comes with a simple remote control through which you can adjust the Bose Soundbar 500. In addition, you can install a Bose application that is well organized and easy to use.

The sound is phenomenal. It is clear and clean at all strengths. This Bose soundbar shines in the middle and high tones, but the low tones also sound pretty nice. However, add Bass Module 500 to it if you need stronger bass.

At the very top of Bose’s soundbar range, the Bose Soundbar 700 is slightly larger and perhaps a shade more elegant than the Bose Soundbar 500. At the top of the speaker is glass that looks phenomenal. The black glass may act as a magnet for dust and fingerprints, so Bose decided to warn all our fears by adding cloth to clean this soundbar. It is effortless to clean, so you have no reason to worry.

There are only two touch buttons on the speaker itself, while the rest is on the remote control. The remote is also adapted for users who worry that if they press the wrong key, it will disrupt the settings because, at first glance, only basic controls are available. Like the Bose Soundbar 500, you can control this one with the Bose app.

As for the sound, it’s phenomenal. The drivers provide great mids and highs and clear vocals. Sound fills the room and gives the impression that there are many more speakers in the room. The bass is also perfect, especially considering that there is no special woofer. Of course, if that’s not enough for you, connect it to the Bass Module 700 woofer.

All in all, both Bose soundbars offer you phenomenal sound and sleek design. It will fit perfectly with the interior and significantly upgrade your TV’s sound. As you probably already know, you will find a great offer of Bose soundbar speakers on Amazon, and as always, on the blog tips for the best shopping.