Smart Home – Smart devices that make life easier

What is a smart home? Many people associate “smart” with smartphones, watches, and televisions. However, the offer of intelligent devices has been expanding lately. It now includes a variety of intelligent household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, built-in ovens, air conditioners, light bulbs, cameras, handles, spies, and more.

Whether you use a phone or a tablet, with the help of an application that is easy to use and available to all platforms (Android and iOS), you will always be able to monitor the operation of your smart device, as well as make additional settings.

Smart refrigeratorsSmart refrigerators feature an interface (touch screen) that allows you to easily connect to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network to provide additional features.

Some refrigerators can check the contents of the food in the fridge via the app. Also, the application can remind you that the stocks of certain groceries have been used up.

They may contain built-in sensors through which the refrigerator door can open on its own if you cannot open it at that time.

Also, intelligent refrigerators have the option to make it easier for you and to suggest the most suitable place through sensors that will keep your food fresh for a more extended period.

Smart ovensSmart ovens have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, through which they connect to the application, which also provides the ability to control and adjust the range remotely.

With the application, you can adjust the temperature, set different baking cycles, the type of heating inside the oven, and thus better, faster and more even baking of food in the oven.

Some ovens have two separate baking areas. They allow you to prepare two different meals at the same time, as well as to set the temperature for each meal separately.

Intelligent washing machinesIntelligent washing machines are devices that can connect to your home Wi-Fi network like all other smart devices in the house via apps on smartphones and tablets.

You can operate the intelligent washing machine anytime, wherever you are. It allows you to start the wash cycle while you are away from home and notifies you when the wash cycle is over.

Some intelligent washing machines have sensors that detect how dirty the clothes are. Accordingly, the program adjusts the washing cycle itself.

The machine will not use more water and energy than necessary, thanks to the load sensor. Automatic dosing of fabric softener or detergent is also one of the advantages that an intelligent machine provides.

smart camera (IP camera)An internet protocol smart camera (IP camera) is a high-definition digital camera. This type of camera can monitor your home live, wherever you are, via Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G connection.

Using the app on your smartphone, you will be able to rotate the camera, change the viewing angle, and zoom remotely. In a word, you will have complete control and inspection of your home.

Thanks to the night shooting mode and IP55 certification, these cameras provide a clear image even in the worst weather conditions.

Intelligent alarm systemsWhether you are at work, on vacation, or simply leaving the house for a few days, you can turn on-off and configure the alarm system via your smartphone or tablet.

These alarm systems contain all the components in them. No wired connection is required. In addition, they are effortless to install and are designed to keep your home and family safe.

Intelligent alarm systems are ideal for your home if you often travel, spend most days away from home, or have a cottage that you do not visit so often.

Smart dishwashersSmart dishwashers are an improved version of the standard dishwasher with a Wi-Fi connection and the ability to connect to your smartphone. Through the application, you can start the washing cycle at any time and monitor when the washing cycle is over, what is the condition of the detergent or cleaning agent inside the machine, or if the sensor detects a malfunction or leak.

Some smart washing machines are compatible with voice control systems, which allow you to start a wash cycle, lock or unlock the door by detecting a voice command.

smart lockA smart lock allows you to secure your home without keys. You can open the door in several ways, including the PIN code, remote control, or smartphone.

With the mobile application, you have the opportunity to open the door whether you are at home or away and send a virtual key to a friend or family.

In addition to all these options, the smart lock has a sensor that allows you to monitor who comes and enters your home and at what time.

smart speaker - virtual assistantThe smart speaker works with the help of a virtual assistant, which recognizes the voice and executes the given voice command.

After issuing a voice command, it sends the information to the Internet via a voice recognition service and receives a response. The voice recognition service uses several algorithms to make the system better acquainted with your use of words and thus provide an even better service.

Smart speakers also provide many other features such as light control in your home via wireless, weather information, time and date, and ordering products online.