Best robot vacuum cleaners for 2022

Self-vacuuming – is the most helpful ally in maintaining house hygiene

There is no doubt that vacuuming is one of the most hated household chores. It takes a long time, especially if you have a large apartment or house, to do it properly. You have to move armchairs, sets, and beds, get tired and spend a lot of time. For all of you who would like to solve this problem, the solution is a vacuum cleaner that vacuums itself.
The so-called robot vacuum cleaner is efficient because it quickly crawls under furniture and buys all the dust, reaches all remote corners of your home, cleans it flawlessly so that not a crumb remains on the floors and carpets, and, best of all, everything, he does it all himself. And when someone does everything himself for you, and flawlessly, he is welcome everywhere, especially in your home. 


What is a robot vacuum cleaner, and how does it work?

You must have wondered how it works and what a robot vacuum cleaner is. The robot vacuum cleaner is a device of perfect design. It is small and convenient. It usually consists of two rotating brushes and one or two that roll. The dirt is directed towards the center of the appliance, where the vacuum sucks the dust into the waste bag inside the device. He has enormous suction power, so he buys everything in front of him. It has a very durable lithium-ion battery, thoroughly cleans all dirt, and you can connect to it via remote control or application on the phone and thus assign it tasks. Also, if you program it that way, the robot vacuum cleaner can work even when you are not at home, and during vacuuming, it does not raise dust, but it is more expensive. The robot vacuum cleaner is ideal for all people who work a lot and do not have time to do household chores. 

Robot vacuum cleaners are the future of home cleaning

Thanks to the advanced technology they possess, robot vacuum cleaners represent a real revolution in planning the cleaning of your home. So, you can solve everything in advance by programming when you want your wise vacuum cleaner to vacuum your apartment.
In addition, robotic vacuum cleaners have dust sensors to clean all distant corners, and many of them have the option to empty themselves and remember the layout of the space in your house and adjust the suction power to the degree of soil contamination.
You can also choose the size, power, and capacity of the intelligent vacuum cleaner according to your needs, the square footage of the apartment, whether you have pets or not, and what type of cleaning and use you want.


Eufy robot vacuum cleaners – quality, efficiency, and elegance

When it comes to brands, the best price-quality ratio, then Eufy robot vacuum cleaners are the best choice. They are very high quality and very efficient, and the modern and elegant design sets them apart from similar products on the market.
They have a durable lithium-ion battery, a great program that automatically adjusts the suction speed, and exceptional suction power from 1,300 to 2,000 Pa.

Eufy RoboVac 15C – quiet and highly efficient

The modern ultra-thin and compact design make the RoboVac 15C robot vacuum cleaner stand out, as this robot vacuum cleaner is only 7.2 centimeters high. In addition, it has drop-sensing technology that allows it to accurately and without error identify obstacles that it may encounter and overcome them thanks to the large wheels. The cover is made of tempered glass, which best protects it from scratches caused by furniture or pets. 

Excellently cleans carpets, rugs, and hard floors. It is straightforward to control remotely or via a Wi-Fi network and the EufiHome application for smartphones. In addition, there is an option to control and manage voice and voice messages with the support of Amazon Alexa and Google Now.

The Eufy RoboVac 15C has a large-capacity lithium-ion battery. It uses BoostIQ technology as extra power, so it achieves even better results while cleaning in a second and a half. When his battery runs out, he returns to the base where he is charging.
If it accidentally gets lost or remains under the furniture, the Find My Robot option sounds with a characteristic sound so that you will find it so quickly. It is mighty, its maximum suction power is 1,300 Pa, and in addition to all that, it has a triple filter and a large container in which it collects dust and dirt that it has collected. Although influential in its efficiency and rich in voice and sound signals used to control and locate the device, it is tranquil while cleaning any surface.

RoboVac 35C robot vacuum cleaner – clean space that you assign to it

RoboVac 35C is more powerful than its predecessor, its suction power is 1,500 Pa. In addition to power, its advantage over RoboVac 15C is that it has specialized dual-Hall sensors, thanks to which it recognizes the limits you set and can clean only those surfaces that you have assigned to it.

It has everything that has 15C, an ultra-thin design, the same height, and its cover is made of resistant tempered glass. It also has drop-sensing technology that robots can use to identify potential obstacles and bypass them.
Like the 15C, it has a durable lithium-ion battery, BoostIQ technology for faster and better cleaning results, and reveals its location by sound via the Find My Robot option. The RoboVac 35C has a triple filter and a dust container.

Eufy G10 Hybrid – advanced navigation for twice the effects

The RoboVac G10 Hybrid is a compelling device in this category and more potent than the previous two models. Its suction power is as high as 2,000 Pa. It has the same characteristics as the previously described devices – ultra-slim design, tempered glass cover, lithium-ion battery, BoostIQ technology, control via remote control, Wi-Fi network, or applications on the phone. However, several features set it apart and undoubtedly give it an edge in its category. 

First, it has a fantastic battery life, which allows up to 80 minutes of continuous suction per charge, and 40 minutes when on Max Power Mode. Here we come to its other important feature, Gyro navigation, thanks to which it is up to twice as efficient as the previous two models of robot vacuum cleaners because it determines the most efficient cleaning route, resulting in slower battery consumption and more cleaned surface after charging. 

The redesigned Unibody filter also sets it apart, which has very high performance and increases its efficiency and duration.
And now, let’s get to the main thing, and that is the additional deleting function. The RoboVac G10 Hybrid cleans and wipes simultaneously. With the water tank, this hybrid robot vacuum cleaner does both simultaneously. It vacuums from the front as it pulls the cloth from the back, cleaning the floors quickly and thoroughly.

Save time and health for the whole family

And now that we know all these great features of a robot vacuum cleaner, there is no doubt about the future of cleaning apartments and houses. Thanks to robot vacuum cleaners, we will save time, which is still the most expensive currency, so instead of several hours of cleaning, we will be able to spend it with our family and people who are dear to us.
In addition, the efficiency of robot vacuum cleaners is that they do not raise dust but only collect it so that the space in which we live will be much cleaner, more pleasant, and healthier to live. All three models we have presented have all these features, but how do you choose the right one for you? 

Our recommendation is to opt for Eufy RoboVac 15C if you have a smaller apartment that is easy to maintain, without a lot of carpets and rugs, and you also have less space to store the device because this model of robot vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to clean such an apartment. On the other hand, compact enough not to require particular storage space.
In all tests of the RoboVac 35C, it turned out to be amazing how much dust it can pick up even when you program it to work every day. That says enough about its strength and efficiency. He is swift but quiet, not to mention the option that you can give him an order to clean the living room while reading a book in the bedroom. So, if you choose complete comfort and maximum results, this is the model for you.
Finally, there is the RoboVac G10 Hybrid, which is the definite winner in this race in thorough cleaning, given that it has a water tank and the most potent power. For a bigger budget, it’s probably the best you can choose.