The Best Razor for Shaving a Rough Beard 2022

Panasonic has been one of the most active manufacturers in launching premium razors. The new Arc 5 is available in two versions: ES-LV67 (razor only) and ES-LV97 (includes an automatic cleaning station). In addition, these two razors are entirely identical.
Now let’s look at the most critical functions as well as those that are just a marketing ploy.

5-blade shaving system

Since it is an Arc 5, it had to have that main, defining characteristic: a slightly curved, massive 5-blade razor head.
The well-known Panasonic stainless steel blades have an aggressive 30-degree angle for a more efficient shave.

The head of this razor is impressively flexible. Namely, it can be tilted up and down, left and right, and vertically. You can also move the five blades themselves independently.
The razor comes with a fast and powerful 14,000 rpm (CPM). It is the quickest engine ever mounted on an electric razor and one of the main factors contributing to the excellent performance of the Arc 5 razor.
The sensor that supposedly detects the density of the chin is nothing new, and we have seen it in previous models. Panasonic says that it reads the beard density up to 220 times per second and adjusts the engine power accordingly (up to 14 adjustments per second). Ideally, this should ensure maximum cutting power when shaving a rough beard and a gentler shave for soft and medium-soft beards.
The new ES-LV67 can, of course, you can use for wet and dry shaving, which means you can shave in the shower or use your favorite cream or gel.
Other features worth mentioning on the ES-LV67 are:
• A pull-out trimmer.
• Travel lock.
• 5-level battery status indicator.
• Fast charging in 3 minutes.
• Universal voltage converter (100-240v).

Quality and ergonomics

One of the areas in which Panasonic is constantly brilliant is the quality of craft and design.  The new model’s design is familiar and almost identical to the previous model, ES-LV9N, which means that it is exquisite and looks even better in the new matte black color.

It has a more dark, deep, bluish-gray hue and the matte texture looks very smooth and refined when you hold the razor in your hand. The color difference is evident when you look at the lower half of the razor head and the thumb rest, which is in true black.
Despite its appearance, the center of gravity of the razor does not lean towards the upper part at all and is very well balanced, and the weight of the razor is just under 200 grams, which is relatively light.
There are no rough edges and cracks, and the gaps between different surfaces are minimal and consistent, which is not always the case with other premium razors. Overall, the ES-LV67 shaver looks impressive with the excellent build quality and sleek design.

Battery life and charging

Like most newer Panasonic electric razors, the Arc 5 ES-LV67 runs exclusively wirelessly, so you can’t use the razor while charging.
Of course, this is safety, and all-electric razors for wet and dry shaving are limited to wireless operation.

The Panasonic ES-LV67 has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows 45 minutes of wireless use.
It is roughly at an industry-standard level and should be enough for everyone’s needs.
Just refill the razor whenever you can, as you would with a smartphone. This will not hurt the battery (contrary to some myths that we still encounter). Charging from 0-100% takes a little less than an hour, and during charging, the charging symbol is shown at the bottom of the screen and the illuminated battery level indicator.

Shaving performance

Now let’s move on to the most crucial part of the review – how well the Panasonic ES-LV67 shaves. In terms of performance, We would say that this is one of the best barbers on the market. This razor had all the predispositions to deliver top performance, and most of it did just that.

If you want a smooth shave, do not suffer from ingrown hairs or susceptible skin, and shave relatively often, the ES-LV67 / ES-LV97 can be the perfect razor.

Features: Charging time: 1h – Operating time: 50 min – For dry and wet shaving – LED battery indicator – Built-in trimmer – QuickCharge Function
Water resistance: Yes
With trimmer: Yes
Power supply: Batteries
Weight: 200g
Dimensions: 17 x 7.5 x 6 cm

PRONS: Very smooth shave, fast and powerful, suitable for rough beard, excellent quality, light and well balanced,
CONS: Not ideal for shaving a long, straight beard; it is necessary to get used to the large head of the device