The Best Printer for 2022 – Shopping Guide

The modern age is inconceivable without using a computer, and a laptop often comes with purchasing a printer. While we know that not everyone will reach for this device, we believe that today there is a much greater need to have a printer at hand than before.

Whether you work from home, study, or want to have a device in your home that will allow you to print the paperwork you need from time to time quickly. It’s never too late to buy this device.

Of course, before you search for a suitable model, it is good to get acquainted with the types of printers and their characteristics, to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Everything you need to know about buying a printer

Buying a printer requires careful selection because, in the beginning, you need to know what to expect from the device and what you can get. This is especially important if you know that you will use it often, especially when working.

Printing needs and the amount of printed material determine the type of printer you will buy. There is a difference between the needs of the home and the needs of the company and the job, and the difference is mainly in the speed and amount of printed documentation. Large companies in the banking, accounting and bookkeeping sectors require many printed pages every day, and a more durable and faster device is provided for them. On the other hand, smaller appliances are used for home or office work.

All in all, the needs dictate the choice, and it is up to you to be well informed about the possibilities provided by different devices and choose the right one.

 What types of printers are there, and how to choosing them the easiest?

Depending on which printing technology they use, we distinguish several types of printers.

  • Inkjet printers – if you want a printer that is easy to handle and still has a quality resolution, this type of printer is for you
  • Laser printers – also easy to handle, but unlike the previous ones, they work much faster and with better quality
  • Dot matrix printers – are more prominent and are most often used for multi-layer printing of documents in banking, finance, bookkeeping
  • Multifunction printers – as their name suggests- are multifunctional devices that allow copying, scanning, and printing. This type of printer is most often used in large business systems, but there are more and more examples of use at home. Buying such a device is mainly because it is inviolable in terms of strength and durability.

Depending on your needs, you will also choose the type of printer that will suit you best.

Inkjet printers for quick and easy use from home

In addition to the laser, there are also inkjet printers when we talk about the best printers for home use. It is a technology that prints in vivid and warm colors, but the option of working in black and white mode is undoubtedly available.

Inkjet printers use ink cartridges. Most of today’s commercial inkjet printers use color-based ink. This ink is more economical, and the resulting photos are more beautiful and vivid. Many models can print pictures which is an added benefit. Inkjet printers are such that they offer us: economy, quality, and good color resolution. An inkjet printer is a reliable choice for your home.

Laser printers, speed, and efficiency that will delight you

If you want fast and high-quality printing, almost noise-free, a laser printer is suitable. It is characterized by speed as well as high-level resolution. The offer includes models that print up to 22 pages per minute in normal mode.

Laser printers have gained tremendous popularity among users thanks to their high print quality and relatively low operating costs. This printing method obtains results similar to or better than traditional 1200 dpi printers (dpi dots per inch). Toner replacement is straightforward and fast with these models, and simplicity and economy are the two main features.

The laser printer guarantees exceptional printing speed, quality, and high resolution with low noise. They are suitable for the house, but also the company. Buying a laser printer is the right move.

Dot-matrix printers, the durability of this printer will leave you breathless

The dot matrix printer is one we see in the banking, accounting, and finance sectors. As its name suggests, it prints with needles that leave an imprint of the matrix over the tape. Its unique advantage in the mentioned areas is reflected in the possibility of printing on several layers of paper and the use of “infinite” form. It is a durable, economical, and more robust device that will certainly fulfill its role of cheap and fast printing.

It is noisier, does not provide high-quality printing, and reached its culmination in use ten years ago. Now they have been overtaken by more modern models, but many remain faithful to them, especially those who use them for business purposes in the areas mentioned above.

Multifunction printers, for the quality and speed of your printing, copying, and scanning

Multifunction printers have options for copying, scanning, and printing. If your needs require all three options, then this type of printer is the right choice.

The features of multifunction printers are outstanding. High resolution, excellent print speed (some models also print 33 pages in one minute), are very flexible and compatible with different operating systems.

Copy, scan, and print whenever you need – three options in one machine, a multi-purpose advantage that makes work more accessible in a few steps. By buying this device, you always get more.

What features of the printer can be important when choosing a suitable model?

When choosing the right printer, it is crucial to know the essential features and functionalities that each model offers us. That is why it is helpful to understand their meaning and importance in choosing a suitable printing device. Therefore, we will list some of the essential features common to all models, which will help us choose adequately.

  • Color resolution – the unit for denoting the resolution is dpi (dots per inch) and shows the quality of the print, whether it is high or lower quality. For example, 4800 x 1200 dpi signifies how detailed your image will be when printed. The higher the numbers, the better the print quality.
  • Input capacity – an indication of how many sheets can fit in the drawer, i.e., where the printer pulls the papers. This information will not be crucial for periodic printing of specific documentation and the like. However, those who need frequent printing and printing large amounts of documents will take this information as necessary when choosing.
  • Memory – The more significant the printer memory, the easier it is to print faster. The printer stores some tasks in its memory and does not have to use the computer’s memory.
  • Monthly print volume – indicates the number of pages above which we should not print within one month. This is important for all those who need to know the number of printed pages.
  • Print resolution – the quality of each printed page is measured based on the printer’s solution, which is most often crucial for color printers because color differences can be seen when printing color photos. If you want this quality to be at a particular level, we recommend choosing a model with a better print resolution that will meet your criteria.

In addition to the above, many printers have been modernized today, so they have some advanced options. One of them is Wi-Fi connectivity. You can print documents directly from your phone, thanks to this connection method. This way, you shorten the process. You don’t have to transfer them from your mobile phone to your computer and then print them, but send them directly from your phone to print.

Choose a printer according to your needs

Whether you are looking for a printer for everyday needs and occasional printing of documentation for your business or a company, the most important thing is to know what you need from this device. Accordingly, consider all their essential characteristics so that the choice would be precisely according to your criteria and so that it would meet all your expectations.

With this device at home, you will save time because you do not have to go outside and go to the copy shop and bookstore for every little thing you need to print. Amazon has a wide selection of great printers of different types, and you have the choice to find the suitable model for your needs.