Best camera for recording vlogs

Vlogging was born a few years ago as a new profession and became very popular. This global trend has spread in our country, so we have new influencers and vloggers with highly monitored YouTube channels. Vloggers’ recommendations are highly appreciated when a professional or experienced topic backs them. The suggestions are accurate and of high quality. If you would like vlogging to be your new job or hobby, follow the tips from this post. 

What does it take to vlogging?

First of all, you need to find your story. A story that has not been told many times in the same or similar way. Find a topic that interests you primarily, and you assume it will also engage others. This topic should be comprehensive and diverse enough to adequately develop it, publish a new role on an average level, which will be such topics and in which you will remain consistent with yourself and your audience.

The key to success lies in inconsistency

The hardest thing is to get an audience that will always be with you. Regular and consistent publishing can help you because the audience knows that they can rely on you. And if you’ve found the right topic, it shouldn’t be a problem. And you can’t wait to post some new content. And the audience will know that if e.g., on Tuesdays, they come to your channel, they will find new content that will be interesting to them. Of course, this also means effort, so it is best to have a plan and schedule that you will adhere to. It is not crucial to publish content every day or once a week. It would be best if you posted it according to a regular schedule.


You need to practice a lot to gain self-confidence and then edit that content. Depending on the type of role you choose, you may want to shoot outdoors. First, practice shooting while you are alone. This will give you a feel for the camera and break the jitters. When you have mastered it, practice in front of family and friends, and finally, go out on the street and practice logging. And for that role to come to life, a lot of editing is needed! Compressing many shots into a short video is a difficult task. Like everything else, this is a matter of practice. So, practice a lot, and you will soon be a true professional.


Choose the right equipment

You may have followed all these steps. So, you are ready to save your first bet. But do you know how to choose the right equipment and high-quality record video? Whether you are just starting in this business or not, you need to pay special attention to selecting a camera.

One of the most important features is the resolution

Will you record vlogs in Full HD or 4K resolution? 4K resolution provides truly phenomenal video quality. It would be best to have a lot more time or a much better computer to process videos of that quality. But if you choose to do so, viewers will enjoy very high-quality footage. Somehow the number of frames per second goes hand in hand with the resolution. Sixty frames per second are ideal for action bets and support slow-motion. Thirty frames per second are enough for everything else.
Another essential feature is stabilization. Stabilization eliminates earthquakes and achieves a smooth image that is pleasant to watch, even while driving on hilly trails, running, or on cobblestones. Today there is optical stabilization and electronic and gimbal stabilization. As you can see in the picture below, the difference is enormous and evident to any viewer.

left to right: gimbal stabilization, electronic and optical stabilization 

And when you pay attention to all these features, it is essential to choose a camera that you can easily carry anywhere. The dji – osmo pocket 4k action camera with gimbal fits your pocket and a smaller women’s bag without any problems. In addition, it easily connects to a mobile phone for easier editing of recorded material. Thanks to the universal ports, you can connect an external microphone that will provide far better sound than any camera and phone. You can order it with free delivery by clicking here. And when you save your new deposit, be sure to send us a link to see what it all looked like.