Best 11 gift ideas for an older man

However, sometimes these are somewhat more expensive hobbies, and the gifts you would choose following them are no less valuable. They are not in the range of everyone’s shopping opportunities.

If you would like to surprise an older man – father, husband, or relative and give him something that will make him laugh, happy and that he will be able to use almost every day, read some of our suggestions, and you will indeed find an idea that could help to do so.


If your father, uncle, or grandfather has plenty of free time and likes to spend it playing chess games with their friends, then this is an ideal gift for one them. Chess is a game that is still very popular, especially among the elderly population.

For a birthday, New Year, or retirement, give chess to an older man, and you will certainly not make a mistake. It can be a classic wooden board with significant figures if you prefer traditional chess. There is also magnetic chess, which you can find in various sizes, which can be more practical since the stacking figure is more accessible..

Shaving set 

Practical and always necessary, the shaving set is an excellent choice as a gift for a man of all ages who will be immensely grateful to you for that. This kind of gift can be given for any occasion because it is considered a beautiful sign of attention, and at the same time, it is beneficial.

A set consisting of shaving gel or foam, an aftershave with a refreshing scent, and a razor is ideal for a man who shaves regularly and takes care of his face. If you are a person who prefers traditional shaving products, buy him a quality shaving brush with foam.

Poker set

If the man you’re looking for as a gift is one of those who loves to play card games with friends and doesn’t (or shouldn’t) visit casinos and bookmakers, a poker set can be the perfect gift for him. The poker set consists of 300 chips and two decks of cards and comes in an aluminum case. To complete the present and make him even happier, give him a poker table.

However, a cheaper variant in a poker mat is also a suitable replacement if it is your husband or boyfriend. Allow him to invite his friends to a “poker night” at least once a week and enjoy relaxed socializing with exciting play, and we are sure you will make him happy..


This is another practical gift, ideal for an older man. The bathrobe can be covered at any time while at home, whether after a shower, going to the kitchen in the morning for the first-morning coffee, or simply for carefree enjoyment on the couch with your favorite TV program and a cup of hot tea.

The most common materials are cotton, terry, and polyester, so choose the one that best suits the person you are giving it to. The design has various, from striped and those diamond patterns, to somewhat more discreet, one-color bathrobes, but be sure to consider his favorite color. Apart from their purpose, bathrobes are functional because they are easy to put together and pack so that you can take them with you on trips.


You will agree that every serious man of his age needs a pair of moccasins. These elegant shoes have been back in fashion for several years now, and many males are choosing to wear them. If they are in his style, give an older man from your family a pair of sophisticated moccasins, and he will be pleased.

There are various models and materials of moccasins worn on different occasions. If you are a businessman who takes care of your styling during the working day, leather black or brown moccasins can not be the wrong choice! It can also be worn for special occasions, such as weddings and other celebrations, which fit into increasingly elegant clothing combinations.

Reading glasses

A natural gift for those men who wear prescription glasses. Whether he needs them only for reading or the drinks for a vision that he wears all the time, there is no mistake with this gift if you know the man you are giving them well. When choosing a frame, make sure that it fits the shape of his face, and accordingly decide on a round or square shape, which men mostly wear.

Those glasses with a slightly thicker frame are more popular among the younger ones, so if you want to “rejuvenate” it this way, you can consider such glasses. If you know his exact diopter and you can save money, buy him glasses with drinks in his diopter.



Another classic piece of clothing that every man should have in his closet can be worn on various occasions, from going to work to a festive lunch with family and friends in a restaurant and even relaxed seating at home. Buy him a quality sweater for the winter, and you will make the right choice!

Older men prefer slightly darker colors, so you can consider gray, brown, or navy blue shades of sweaters. Also, the material plays a significant role in the selection, so make sure you choose one that contains at least 70% wool further to warm it during the cold winter period.


Men who carry a briefcase with them are mostly seen as elegant, professional, and business people who stick to their attitude and take care of their refined style. Although it can mostly be seen with lawyers, who serve to store their cases, men of various professions can also wear it if they want to complete their business attire combination, in which a suit is indispensable.

It is practical and spacious, so it can carry all the essential papers and documents needed to do the job. If you are able, buy your husband, father, or uncle a leather briefcase and contribute to his elegant dress style, and we are sure that he will proudly wear it to work every day.


An ideal gift for older men who like to do crafts in and around the house. The toolbox will make him happy, whether a professional artisan or skilled in various home repairs.

On this site, you can find various versions of toolboxes, which have many compartments and plenty of space for storing different tools. However, if you are ready to spend a little more money, consider buying a box that already contains a set of the most necessary tools for every artisan. Make your husband happy for his wedding anniversary or father by buying him this practical birthday gift.

Mini fridge – cooler 

Many older members of the more vigorous sex have a hobby of going camping and spending time in nature, in the fresh air. If the man you are buying a gift for is this type of person, a cooler or a mini-fridge for drinks is the right choice.

There are various models and sizes of these hand-held refrigerators. They are very functional and convenient to use because they are portable, so you can take them with you when barbecuing with friends in nature or going fishing on a nearby river and enjoying a cold drink. It can be a more extensive, plastic refrigerator or cooler bag, slightly smaller in volume (up to 40 liters), looks like a travel bag, and does not take up much space.

Set of kitchen knives 

If you are buying a birthday present for a very skilled man in the kitchen who loves to prepare various culinary specialties, give him a set of top-quality knives, and he will surely be grateful.

Most of these sets contain knives of different sizes, which can be used to cut various foods, such as meat, bread, and vegetables.

Choose quality stainless steel knives with a classic wooden handle. Also, the set can come in metal and wooden stand, and it will have a special note if you engrave its name on the shelf to personalize it and thus make this gift even more special.

Room slippers 

If your father, husband, or grandfather has practically “everything” and you are unsure what you could give him, consider slippers that he will need, if not now, in the future. Most cheap slippers wear out quickly, peel off and end up in the trash soon. That is why it is always necessary to have a spare pair of room slippers that he will be able to wear around the house, on trips, and for guests.

Give him comfortable and warm, furry slippers in his favorite color, and to make this gift a little more interesting, fill the slippers with his favorite sweets or snacks and pack them in a decorative box.

Vacuum cleaner – leaf blower 

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons. The temperature is falling slightly, more and more often, romantic rains are starting, and the leaves of beautiful colors are falling from the trees, creating a wonderful autumn atmosphere. However, as much as we liked the warm image of lost, colorful leaves, cleaning it can be a real hassle! If your father is in charge of gardening and maintaining the yard and enjoys it, this may be the right gift for him because you will make his job even more accessible. Vacuum cleaners (or blowers) for leaves are a slightly more expensive gift, so if you are willing to spend a little more money , consider buying the same.

Facial care set 

Face and body care with cosmetics have not been a taboo topic among men for a long time. In the 21st century, more and more men of different ages are using the services of beauticians, undergoing aesthetic procedures, and applying skincare products to their faces.

Facial care is extremely important for both women and men, so if your husband has expressed a desire to dedicate himself to his appearance and care for his face, visit Scott Hamish store on Amazon and choose one of the products from the men’s line suits his skin type. It can be a nourishing face serum, moisturizer, or peeling and make a care set, which you will pack in a decorative box.