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Our Story About us

We are a small company based in New York, founded by Saša Živadinović.
The company’s goal is to create one ultimate savings destination to save you time and money every day.
Our goal is to cover the broadest possible range of products and product categories, including seasonal products. This service is free for consumers.
The sources on which we make judgments are different. Not only our test results are included, but also the user experience. Only in this way can a holistic and, above all, honest judgment emerge.
The selection of compared products is also made manually. We consciously refrain from automating and influencing our advertisers in the selection process. Instead, we hire a team of journalists who work in relevant product categories daily and make independent assessments.
This creates product comparisons that consumers find relevant.
We are not infallible either. Mistakes that we unknowingly adopt from other sources cannot be completely ruled out. However, we assure you that we will verify all data, products, and services to the best of our knowledge and belief before including them in our comparison. Still, we cannot guarantee that they are up-to-date, complete, and accurate.

Sincerely, Saša Živadinović.