A complete guide to buying a home air purifier in 2022

You have decided to buy an air purifier. You realize that you need it because you no longer want to think about what kind of air you breathe in your home. Your company has already purchased it at work, and you have felt all the benefits that this device provides.

It doesn’t matter what period of the year it is, whether it is winter or summer, the necessity of this device is no longer in question. The quality of the air you breathe must be good, and an air purifier can meet all your needs. What you need to consider when buying is whether it will be enough for the surface of your home.

We will alleviate this dilemma and show you how to make sure that the cleaner you have chosen is suitable for your space.

How to choose an air purifier of the appropriate capacity?

The main thing to think about when buying this device is the quality of the filter and the ability to flow air appropriately. A quality device can clean almost 99% of all air pollutants by the types of filters it has.

Before buying, it is crucial to pay attention to which surface a specific appliance can cover. It is good to know the room’s square footage in which the device will be located and decide on the best solution by the dimensions.

This way, you will avoid making these two mistakes. If you plan to put the cleaner in a small room, you will not need to buy too strong and too large a device intended for large rooms, which also costs more—Vice versa. If you want to keep the appliance in a large room, you should not opt ​​for a low-capacity cleaner because you will not have a good effect. Air freshening will not be according to the standards, and the air in that room will continue to be polluted, so in that case, you will “throw away” money. It is best to pay attention to the following items:

  • The surface of the room where the air needs to be purified
  • Purification capacity (m3 / min) and (m3 / h)
  • Air purification rate (CADR) m3 / h

You will know based on these parameters whether the air purifier is suitable for the room for which you intended it. It is recommended that you find information on the recommended size of the room for a specific type of appliance and the purification capacity among the characteristics of the selected device.

What is CADR?

When choosing an air purifier, you need to pay attention to another detail – whether the device is marked CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate). Most modern appliances have it, and thanks to this label, it will be easier for you to assess whether a specific cleaner meets your needs.

This mark indicates the flow capacity of the purified air. It shows you how much a specific appliance model can purify the air inside a particular size room. If the device has a very high filter efficiency but low airflow, CADR helps to balance the two.

air purifier

CADR is measured when the air purifier is running at maximum fan speed. Three types of particles are tested to calculate the efficiency of removing particles of different sizes. Three types of particles are smoke, pollen, and dust.

Purifiers with this label are controlled by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). Products are randomly selected and independently tested to verify that they continue to meet the performance stated on the product.

Relationship between room square footage and CADR

Related to this is the ACH (Air Changes Per Hour) label. It shows how many times an air purifier can purify the air in a specific room in 60 minutes. This mark is directly related to the room area for which a particular cleaner is intended.

The label is usually marked with 4x, 5x, and 6x. This means that a 6x mark would represent that the stagnant air in the room is filtered six times in one hour. So, the higher this number, the higher the device’s efficiency.

Different sizes of air purifiers according to the surface they cover

In line with all the above, it is clear how important it is for the selected device to be of the right size and capacity. It will provide you with reliable air purification in the home, efficiency, and the results you expect.

Therefore, depending on the size of the space where you plan to use the cleaner, there are several different sizes of these devices:

  • Small – suitable for smaller rooms and rooms up to 20-22 square meters
  • Medium – great for rooms from 22 to 60 square meters
  • Large – for all rooms from 60 to 110-120 square meters
  • Cleaners for the whole house – long-range, suitable for purifying the air in every room

On Amazon, you will find a wide range of air purifiers, where you will find a large selection of these devices from different brands: Philips, Beurer, Alpha, Rowenta, Dyson, and many others. Most of them offer models intended for different room sizes, so you have the opportunity to choose the one that will suit your needs.

Can the air purifier be too big or small for a given room?

As we have already mentioned, you should buy a purifier proportional to the size of the room for which it is intended to get the maximum effect. It should be neither bigger nor smaller than you need, and more minor deviations are acceptable.

To purify the air in several rooms, add up the square footage of those rooms or decide on one of the rooms where you will use it. With upstairs houses, one device will most likely not be able to cover the entire square footage. If you want, we suggest that you consider special devices for each floor so that the cleaning effects are satisfactory.

However, whether it is an apartment or a house, it all depends on your space and, more importantly, the room’s layout. If it is “broken” and divided into several units, it would be understandable to have more devices – it is best to have one device in the rooms where you stay the most.

Think about all these factors, consult and make the right choice.

Where to install an air purifier?

When buying this device, another crucial question is: Where to put it in the apartment. If you have a mobile device, you can move it depending on where you are and where you need it most. However, if the cleaner is enormous and heavy or the one that hangs on the wall, it is recommended that you place it where you spend the most time. Here are some options:

Kitchen and rooms: If your most significant problems are smells, this is the device’s proper place. It is known that the storage of food in the kitchen spreads various odors – if that bothers you, a kitchen is an ideal place for your cleaner. However, be careful. Due to the high humidity in the air, higher power cleaners are recommended for this room. If you have a problem with dust and the smell of your pet, then the living room is the ideal place for the appliance. If you want to breathe clean air while sleeping, put it in the bedroom. However, be careful to place it at least 2 meters away from your head, as air should not go directly into your face.

Odor source: The air purifier should place the appliance near the odor source for the best effect. That way, the odors will not spread to other rooms.

Entrance door: If you have pets or the circulation of people is large, the best place for this device is near the front door. That way, the air purifier will be a kind of dam, your protector, because it will prevent the entry of dust and pollution.

Unlike these locations in the apartment, there are places where we should never place an air purifier:

Corners: These appliances work best outdoors when they have unrestricted airflow. So never put them in tight spaces and corners because their effect will not be complete.

Furniture: The place under or behind some piece of furniture is a terrible position for the device because the air purifier will not be able to suck the air from the room and purify it. The effect will be almost the same as if you did not have this device.

After all, there is another dilemma about the device’s position in the apartment. Whether to place it on the floor, or it should be hung on the wall or may be placed on a shelf. The advice is to pay attention to the instructions for use. The manufacturer usually specifies the place where you can keep it. If it is advisable to hang it on the wall and if it is of such a design, do so because you will achieve maximum effect.

How do you know which cleaner is ideal for you?

The fact is that the air we are exposed to is of poor quality. That is why air purifiers have become a need of each of us. Investing in it is a long-term investment in the health and quality of life and your family.

To choose the ideal air purifier, think about which room you need, where you will put it, and how much space you want to cover. Based on this information, you will quickly know which size cleaner is ideal for you. Health comes first, don’t waste time.